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  • Degreasing plants and decoating plants
  • Coating systems
  • Powder coating systems
  • Systems for paint recovery
  • Automatic coating systems
  • Drying systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Plasma systems
  • Exhaust air and wastewater systems

Region of Northern Germany


There is an innovative answer to conventional, cost-intensive and resource-intensive overspray separation systems:

AB-Twister – the cyclone-paint booth

The solids are centrifuged from the overspray onto the separation walls by centrifugal force. The non-stick coating of the surfaces allows easy and quick cleaning. Most of the color particles accumulate in the cyclone collection tank. Degrees of separation of more than 99% are achieved.

In contrast to other systems AB-Twister requires a small cleaning effort at low disposal costs. It eliminates the color overspray and is suitable for all common coating materials.

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