AB Oberflächen-Consulting GmbH

Investments need trust – in competent, strong and reliable partners.

AB Oberflächen-Consulting GmbH has been a reliable partner in surface technology for many years in Northern Germany. As an industrial representation it represents a broad variety of systems from manual to fully automated.

Our partners

HEMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH | www.hemo-gmh.de

  • Industrial parts cleaning
  • Patented VAIOCS technology, standard cleaning systems, continuous cleaning systems, special systems etc.

PlaTeg GmbH PVA Industrial Vacuum System GmbH | www.plateg.de

  • PulsPlasma nitriding for surface treatment of work pieces for protection against wear.

SciTeeX RME GmbH | www.sciteex.com

  • Wheelblast machines
  • Air blast cabinets
  • Paint booths
  • Powder coating plants

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